Pharmaniaga Hand Sanitizer 100ml

Brand Story:
Pharmaniaga Hand Sanitizer Spray comes in 2 attractive scents which is Bubblegum and Green Apple, so it will leave a refreshing scent every time you sanitize. The handy pocket size makes it easier to be carried in a bag wherever we go, and suitable for people who always on-the-go.
It's definitely the most convenient way to sanitize at anytime and anywhere.

Our hands are the key access to germs and bacteria. Therefore it is extremely important to make sure we clean and sanitize our hands all the time. Many bacteria can be trapped inside the nails, palms and in between fingers too. Therefore, using an alcohol can help to kill the bacteria.

1. Contains 75% isopropyl alcohol
2. Contains allantoin and glycerin
3. Available in Bubblegum & Green Apple scent
4. Handy bottle size

1. Killing 99.9% germs and bacteria
2. Moisturizing the hands after every use
3. Rinse-free formulation with refreshing scent
4. Easy to carry and use

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